Life Skills- Resistance "Refusal" Skills

These skills help a person say No to a negative suggestion or action. These skills can help you walk away from an unhealthy situation.

A Model for Using Resistance Skills

  1. Begin with a simple "NO THANKS"! Say it firmly with self-confidence. Attempt to quickly change the subject like "How about those Dodgers". Rehearse a few other answers.

  2. Give reasons for saying NO. Mention self-respect, it might affect your athletic ability. It may affect your job interview when you are asked to submit to drug testing.

  3. If they still question your answer. CONTINUE with over crowded prisons, a jail record, teen pregnancies, may affect college. Eventually, that person will get bored and stop pestering you.

  4. Try using non-verbal (hand gestures, head movement) behavior to match your words.

  5. Be smart and avoid being in situations in which there will be pressure to make wrong decisions.

  6. Avoid being with people who make wrong decisions.

  7. Influence others to make responsible decisions.