Job Skills- Basic Terms

With competition for new jobs at an all-time high, employees must have the skills employers are targeting. 

Ten Essential Skills/Habits and Descriptions


Commitment to both their job and their employer are essential qualities needed in today's workforce.

Any employee who commits to achieving the goals and objectives of the company is in great demand. Employees who strive for solutions and refrain from "blaming others" can impress the boss and are more likely to be promoted.

The Extra Mile:

In order to gain a boss' confidence, employees must be willing to go above and beyond what is typically required of them on the job.
Employees who take on projects that fall outside their normal responsibilities can expand their skill set and explore new avenues for professional growth. While you may not always have the time to volunteer for an extra assignment, passing on every opportunity will prevent you from being viewed by your manager as a go-to person in the department.

Multi-Tasking: (Wear Multiple Hats)

Employees that will get hired more easily and ultimately succeed are those that show an eager willingness to do whatever needs to get done, not just what's in their job description.

Positive Attitude:

Having anything but a positive attitude is non-negotiable. There is no room for negativity and gossip.

Attitude drives success, and people want to be around positive people. It's contagious, and others will notice. Naysayers are a drag on business.

Decision Makers:

Every employee must eventually have the ability to think critically and make appropriate decisions. Obviously, new employees and interns need to understand the workflow. But, it is imperative they get up to speed.

Leaders don't want to micromanage their employees, but often they are forced to because the employees lack critical thinking skills. Ideally, bosses would love to say,"I trust you to make decisions that are good for the business so I will let you come up with your own solutions."


it is important for entrepreneurs to find employees who are just as passionate about their job as the boss is.

When an employee believes strongly in the company's mission, their job is no longer a job. It's a "calling'" and it's fun. People work harder when they feel connected to and believe in your mission as a leader and the mission of the company.


In today's fast-moving business world, the worst thing an employee can be is a drain on their boss' time.

Employees should be always adding value, and the easiest way to destroy value, is to be unorganized. Being organized could be as simple as naming files or folders properly, or more substantial tasks like writing high-quality meeting reports and presentations.


Employees must be depended on consistently to get the job done.

Employers need to be able to count on employees to show up on time and do the work they are getting paid for.


In today's workplace, communication is the skill of utmost importance.

You will need communication skills that allow you to succinctly and effectively contribute your thoughts. An effective communicator leaves no room for error and can exhibit thoughts in a direct manner.


Conscientiousness has proven itself to be among the top indicators of job performance. Make sure you pay attention to the little details such as spelling, grammar and filing. KEEP your desk, workspace and belongings neat and organized.