Life Skills - Dating Process

What is Dating?

Dating- is having social plans, "going out", "hanging out" with another person. Dating does help prepare adolescents for adulthood when they might choose to marry and plan a family.

Dating can Strengthen your Self-esteem

Being liked and accepted by members of both sexes is especially important in adolescence. Asking someone to share an activity and having them accept affirms an adolescent's belief about his or attractiveness and desirability.

When adolescents feel that a date was successful, they gain confidence that are successfully managing their social skills or in this case dating skills.

Masculinity and Femininity

Adolescents are accepting the body changes that are occurring as a result of puberty and hopefully becoming comfortable with one's sex role. For example. a guy may stereotypically think that he is masculine and macho, therefore, he should not cry.

A female may wonder if she should be strong-willed, play sports, become independent. Grades 7-12 provides a time frame for all adolescents to express their sexuality. This is the time to develop a personality with needs and wants, feelings and emotions.

Developing Skills in Intimacy

Exclusive relationships may have a strong emotional bonds. These relationships exhibit intimacy, or closeness. Intimacy is important in marriage and exclusive dating relationships. It provides gratifying feelings of being worthy, trustful, responsible and sincere.

While dating, adolescents have the opportunity to display trust and to interact in caring and compassionate ways.

Understanding Personal Needs

All individuals have personal needs and desires. Dating gets more complicated as individuals attempt to comply and satisfy their partners needs and desires. Some partners may find they have a lot in common and are quite compatible.

On the other end, one partner may feel that those needs and desires lead to unhealthful, risky and even dangerous behavior. These differences may terminate the relationship.

Dating Standards

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