Kid "Karate" Cashew

kid cashew

Strengths- Spokesperson, vocalist, motivational speaker, a.k.a. "The Most Inspiring Man on Earth".

Goals- Philanthropist and "Save the world one child at a time".

Challenges- His methods to save the world are knee-slapping hilarious.

Watch/Listen to"Kid" Cashew ----

Please take the Health Nuts Team Quiz

1. The HealthNuts live on the planet called___________________________.

2. Name four things you need to do to be on the Health Nuts Team? a)________________________________

b) ____________________________ c)_______________________________ d)______________________

3. The nut introducing the HealthNuts is called "Kid ________________".

4.Nurse ______________ will help you when you hurt your leg.

5. Professor _________________ will lend you a helping hand.

6.The lifeguard's name is "Bobby _______________".

7. "__________the ___________" writes the health songs.

8.Brawny Brazilnut will get you into _______________.

9.Chef Chestnut will give you a __________________.

10. You Can Be a _____________________,Too.

The Answers Are Below:


The answers are:


2. a) Eat well b) Exercise c) Work hard d) Help others


4. Nutmeg

5. Pecan


7. "Penny the Peanut"

8. shape

9. grape

10. HealthNut

Mission Statement

The HealthNuts Team is dedicated to improving the quality of life on earth. The HealthNut Team will provide information and resources to assist everyone in reaching an optimal level of wellness. The Team supports all students and will help them achieve their maximum mental, emotional, social and physical health potential.