The "Health Nuts Team"

Watch us Land on a Beach in California!rocketship

We live on the planet "Nuttonium" in the "Vegenation Solar System". We share the same "Solar Interstellar Neighborhood". We intercepted and boarded a rocket called the Voyager from your planet Earth. We examined your time capsules with centuries of information. With your wars, bullies, drug problems, hunger, obesity, and overcrowded prisons, you need help! We are on our way with our Health Nuts Team.

Click each "Health Nut" to stay Safe and Healthy.

healthnuts team landscape fireman filbert Chef Chestnut doctor pistachio Officer Wally Walnut Nurse Nutmeg Brawny Brazilnut Bobby Beechnut Kid Karate Cashew Medic Macadamia Professor Pecan coach coconut almondean and almondina



healthnutsteamWatch/Read along in our first book. The "Health Nuts Team Lands in CA". Click image.