About Us (SHK)

Media and peers send kids and adults 50-100 "Do Drugs" and 'Eat Fast Foods" messages daily. We also documented that people entering new locations do scan walls and tables searching for stimulating and motivational info.

SHK was created to offer compelling and inspiring graphics as "Daily Reminders" to all individuals and remind them of the importance of good character, wholesome values and making the right choices.

SHK was founded by Health/P.E. and Life skills teacher Stan Kotkosky. He replaced meaningless classroom material with compelling graphics throughout his campus. This transition raised student awareness as to the consequences of negative decisions and benefits of positive decisions. Mr. Kotkosky "practices what he preaches" and is an excellent role model.

Mission Statement

group twoOur mission is to utilize all health-related info; deliver it to kids, students, staff and parents using our engaging, stimulating and motivational resources.

Our goal is improving the quality of life, increasing the quantity of life and help schools and parents raise resilient children who will reach their fullest potential.

Featuring the Health Nuts Team

Health should be fun! SHK uses the Health Nuts Team as spokespersons. They are informative and logoentertaining as they help all "earthlings" improve their mental, physical and social sides of health.

Health Nuts Team Creator

Stan Kotkosky created the Health Nuts Team and copyrighted them in 2005. He is from CT, moved to CA after college, taught 35 years in LAUSD. Also a musician, he composed/performed the "Health Nuts Team song and is the voice of many of the characters.


Any Baseball Fans? An Ineresting Story

Stan has two boys 10 and 15. In 2011, he told his, then 12-year old," I pitched against the Team that won the Little League World Championship in 1965. This is the 65th anniversary of Little League. Your team is going to win it all and you are going to play an important role." Click photo to see what happened!

Pre World Series